It is our goal to help bring more business to you and we know that our brand will do just that. With our ever growing list of retail partners we continue to get rave reviews and comments about our products quality and how well it sells in the retail setting. The originality and eye catching appeal of our designs is what separates us from other brands.

Becoming an authorized retailer with Southern Fowler is easy accomplished, we do require that all of our retailers have a physical location. We do require a sales tax exemption form and some other paperwork to insure that you do indeed operator a legitimate business. We sell to all types and sizes of businesses, from small town single locations to big town multiple locations.

We take pride in what we do and we set the standard high for quality of our products. As an authorized retailer we expect you to do the same with displaying and arrange our products appropriately in your store. Each of our respected stores are hand picked by our sales team, we do not allow retail stores to be within a reasonable distance of each other so that we can appropriately market each location.

Would you like to be apart of our growing team of authorized retailers? Just fill out the below form to be considered and we will be in contact with you soon.


Southern Fowler has been one of the top two selling brands in our stores every year since we began carrying them in late 2015.

Katie Dasher

Manager at Dallas Wayne

We started selling Southern Fowler just six months ago and we are constantly selling out of products right here in little Nashville, GA.

Shana Royals

Booth Owner at Southern Landmark

Adding Southern Fowler to our current run of product brands has been a great choice. Our customer base loves the brand and the sells show.

Edwin McCuller

Owner of Flint River Outfitters

Alright, so your ready to sell Southern Fowler! Lets make it official . . .